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We care at Families 1st Choice

Families 1st Choice Home Care represents our dedication and passion to families and loved ones. Compassionate care and respect is important to everyone and especially those family members who need it the most – which may be when one cannot satisfactorily care for themselves or they just need a little extra help from time-to-time.


If you are a family caregiver you may face a greater health risk than the loved one you care for today. Families 1st Choice Respite Care package addresses not only the needs of your loved one but also your needs as the family caregiver serving families with quality services to better enjoy and strengthen the comforts of family life. Family caregivers with extreme stress can take as much as 10 years off of their own life – this is reason enough to start relaxing from time-to-time and take advantage of Respite Care services. Compassionate, family caregivers give of themselves over and over, day after day, and never ask for anything in return – family caregivers are the most unselfish, generous, caring individuals that bless families as a whole. At Families 1st Choice we offer you, the family caregiver the time and space to relax and rejuvenate yourself so you can resume your responsibilities of caring for your loved one without compromising your own health. As a family caregiver, in need of a break or having a special event or occasion coming up and you need help with caring for your loved one so you and /or your loved one can enjoy the special occasion, for example: a wedding, holiday gathering, work related event, an evening with friends, shopping, etc. We at Families 1st Choice are here for you and we encourage you to take time for yourself – taking time for you will help you to be a better, stronger, healthier caregiver in the long run. Keep in mind you may want to start out small with the Respite Care services – take a couple of hours to go shopping or do lunch with a friend and have Families 1st Choice fill in for you. Then when you are sure the Care services have met your family caregiver expectations plan a vacation for yourself and give yourself a couple of days to relax with Families 1st Choice Respite Care. You owe it to yourself and your loved one. Call today for a free assessment and let our family take care of your family!


  • Fall prevention
  • Help to prevent hospital readmissions
  • Transportation:
    • Doctor’s appointments
    • Shopping
    • Church
    • Visiting family / friends
    • Special Activities
  • Assist with activities (crafts, games, reading)
  • Companion Care (click for more details)
  • Personal Care (click for more details)
  • Homemaker Care (click for more details)
  • Pet assistance (feed, walk, clean kitty-litter)
  • Organize mail and assist with paying bills
  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care (click for more details)
  • Depending on the client’s assessment and requests the appropriate services are allocated