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We care at Families 1st Choice

Families 1st Choice Home Care represents our dedication and passion to family and loved ones. Compassionate care and respect is important to everyone and especially those family members who need it the most – which may be when one cannot satisfactorily care for themselves or they just need a little extra help from time-to-time.


The success of Families 1st Choice (FFC) Home Care relies on the quality of care we provide. That is why, we choose only the best candidates for this position of trust and responsibility.

Who are FFC Caregivers?

At Families 1st Choice (FFC) Home care, our priority is to maintain standards that match service excellence with the care we provide to you or your loved one. To ensure that every FFC caregiver offers consistent high quality care, we employ our own staff after a meticulous assessment of their qualifications and skills. Since we pay the caregiver’s salary and take care of the tax component for the payroll, there is no need for you to take this financial burden upon your shoulders. You can also eliminate the need for doing extensive background checks on the caregiver before entrusting your loved one into their care because FFC covers all of this when we employ the individual caregiver. Our thorough process enables us to hire knowledgeable, compassionate, truly committed caregivers to serve your needs.

FFC Hiring Process

Let us give you a brief overview of our thorough hiring process to show why our caregivers are indeed the very best.

Background Checks : No compromise background checks: Every FFC Caregiver is chosen only after we carry out a complete and exhaustive background check on him/her. We learn about the candidates’ qualifications, skill sets, experience and reputation at the previous places of employment before we decide to hire him/her.

Insurance : Our FFC caregivers carry the necessary insurance and bonding so that you have additional peace-of-mind when you choose to entrust your loved one to be served by FFC.

References : We ask for and check references to ensure positive feedback for the caregiver’s work quality and ethics with their previous employers. We also verify the authenticity of any training certifications and other qualifications.

Personal Interviews : Through face-to-face interactions we determine how good our caregivers are at personal relationships and we also gauge their ability to support good communications and comprehension.

Training and Testing : Once selected each caregiver goes through a stringent orientation and training course to help align their best practices to FFC high standards of work so that you are assured of dependable, knowledgeable and compassionate care when you give FFC the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.

In summary FFC Caregivers:

  • Skilled and/or experienced
  • Compassionate
  • Works with integrity
  • Extensive screened background checks (e.g., criminal, sex offenders, driving records)
  • Personal face-to-face interview processes
  • Required to provide references for verification
  • Professional licensing are verified for up-to-date and validity
  • Caregiver skill set assessment testing and passing are required
  • Participation in FFC orientation
  • Demonstrates understanding of OSHA Universal Precautions, to include TB testing
  • Caregiver can be selected by you, the client after initial introductions
  • On-going training is required
  • Bonded and insured
  • Caregivers are FFC employees – the face and heart-beat of our agency to serve you!

For Caregivers Only:

Why Families 1st Choice (FFC) is your ideal work environment?

FFC is a highly positive environment where your success and career growth is solely determined by your hard work, work quality, your compassion for others, and willingness to enhance your skills. Excellent employee morale is a given here and this is very conducive to your professional growth. As a growing business, FFC is keenly interested in employing individuals who are looking to initiate a long term mutually beneficial relationship with our organization. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy as a FFC caregiver:

  • Opportunity to work in a truly caring family oriented agency
  • Excellent career advancement opportunities
  • Paid weekly
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Freedom to opt for direct deposit
  • Periodic bonuses based on work performance and enhanced skills

Interested in becoming a FFC Caregiver – Click on this link Families 1st Choice Job Application