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About Us

We care at Families 1st Choice

Families 1st Choice Home Care represents our dedication and passion to family and loved ones. Compassionate care and respect is important to everyone and especially those family members who need it the most – which may be when one cannot satisfactorily care for themselves or they just need a little extra help from time-to-time.


We, the owners, Theresa Moyer, Debra Pugh, and Patricia Reilly have experienced the challenges first hand with our own family members when they suffered from debilitating illnesses that impaired their ability to care for themselves.

We personally recognized that what is extremely important to many family members is to maintain their independence. This is not only important to your loved one, but also to the family unit as a whole. We also understand there are huge gaps where information is not readily available for family caregivers, hospitals, and employers to help guide families through the maze and complexity of providing care-giving needs.

Generally, when care-giving needs are presented it comes with great urgency. This is a situation where you need as much support and information as possible because specific circumstances can prove to be overwhelming. There are also critical challenges of trying to hold down a full-time job while handling the responsibility of being the “family caregiver!”

Our own family experiences are in-part the inspiration behind Families 1st Choice Home Care. We sincerely want to give back to others within the community and in honor of our own family members – assist with providing compassionate care to you and your family! We believe that being in the comfort of your own home, feeling safe and happy knowing your well-being is supported – is something all family members deserve! As a result our purpose is to empower families to enjoy the freedom and peace-of-mind with independent living!

At Families 1st Choice Home Care our team stands ready to serve you and your family. Please call or contact us for a free in-home assessment. We thank you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family!